Galicia Prestige: “Nunca mais!”


November 19, 2002: the oil tanker “Prestige” sank in front of Galicia, with a cargo of 77,000 tons of oil.
A spontaneous movement of many volunteers started to clean up the coast and combat the oil spill called “Chapapote”. This movement was called Nunca Mais (“Never again” in Galician).
The responsibilities were really strong for the shipping company as for the Spanish government, which blamed each other while the ecological disaster was taking place.
After that tankers similar to the “Prestige” has been banned on the coast of French and Spain.

Visiones de Galicia:
a diaporama of self-recorded sound and images of the Prestige’s disaster, during the trip to clean up the Galician coast from “chapapote”. Nunca mais!