“La palabra de Diòs dice que el que estè en sus manos nadie,

absolutamente nadie, lo puede arrebatàr.”

 San Juan


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Life flows in Mina el Limon, a Nicaraguan town built over a gold mine, where the percentage of kidney chronic disease exceeds 30%.
A Miranda’s movie written and directed by Martino Chiti and Daniele Stefanini, produced by ASL Toscana with the contribute of Centro Salute Globale Toscana.Mina is an experimental no-narrative documentary about Mesoamerican Nefropathy in Nicaragua.  Videomapping technique and photo paste technique was used to produce the work. It tells the atmosphere of life in a place, Mina el Limon, built over an old gold mine from which it derives life and receives death. Here chronic renal failure, the analysed medical topic in this work, reaches very high levels without being able to understand what the real preponderant cause is.  



The project, using photography and video installation techniques as a fundamental aesthetic form, involves the production of a series of documentaries in which there is a symbiotic relationship between the population and the place. A relationship derived from the exploitation of the environment, in which human intervention creates resources but at the same time damages the inhabitants.