Urban Mapping Project

“There is a crack, a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in”
Leonard Cohen

We live in a world where the necessary concreteness of things is associated with extreme transience. Appearance wins over essence. Today’s social networks and communication show that the link with the image is always stronger than the concrete and tangible presence. A world more liquid than ever. This is a fleeting action, which ends in the short time in which it occurs. What remains is only a video and photographic documentation. The intention of the work is also to analyze the urban and social value according to the places on which one goes to project, what they have represented in the past or what they symbolize in the present. The final representation will be a last installation containing the documentation of the perfomance.

Urban Mapping is a street art project run along with Nicola Buttari, conceived to transform suburban buildings and structures in an ephemeral way, hidden by the light of street lamps or forgotten over time. Urban Mapping is a performative act that is concieve on the searching of  places based on both practical and conceptual criteria (absence of light and the meaning of  projecting over the structure).