Hope (Il mondosotto)

“There’s a ravine up there. The path of death ends up here, in our garden.”

Since June to November 2015, as a result of migration flows and the block of the borders, about 300 expatriates have settled on the rocks of Ventimiglia, on the border between Italy and France. The European Union falters, bounding a humanitarian problem. Along the old mountain paths, historically used to cross the border without customs control, it was mapped out a night way that leads to the border. Hope is a video that documents the world built by the migrants allocated by the rocks as well as the process to realize the installation of Andrea d’Amore: a permanent installation visible at night. A path traced with phosphorescent paint on the “Path oh hope” or “Pass of death” linking Italy to France. The path ends in a wall of barbed wire on the border between the two states. Hope was installed in the summer of 2015 in the days when hundreds of migrants were camped on the rocks of Ventimiglia in protest at the blockage of the migration flow to the French customs of Menton, waiting and hoping to be able to cross the border.