“Dans tout   instinct, la vérité a pris la forme d’une illusion pour agir sur la volonté.
Méfiez-vous du rêve de l’autre, parce que si vous êtes pris   dans le rêve de l’autre, vous êtes foutu.”

Gilles Deleuze

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Recuerda – to all the women
The shapes of women. Women’s sounds, women’s fragments.
For the international day against gender violence.

We enter in Recuerda and we find a world built on a grid of photographs, into a space that contains and envelops. On the surfaces are projected images that constantly flow together with an audio, like a decomposed memory. The immersion in an environment full of constantly changing images and sounds guides the viewer’s intention not to cognitively dominate the experience and soon becomes an aid for an inner journey.

17 min soundscapes loop over a

7 min video loop on

814 pasted photographs in a

5x5x3 metres room

Thanks to Associazione Randi .

Nov, 25th 2018 / jan, 20th 2019 Galleria OPS, Livorno.

Sample of technical layout in 5x5x3 metres space.

The installation has variable shape and size, adaptable to existing spaces.